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We provide several services that will help you with your e-waste recycling
Data destruction & Data security
Complete disposal of e-waste
Certification of Destruction and Disposal.
Supply Chain Management
Reverse Logistics across Pan-India.
Precious Metal Recovery


Given the criticality of information in today's business world, it is very important for companies to ensure that vital sensitive/confidential information is not misused or information is carefully destroyed.

We understand the challenges companies face to protect information and thus offer reliable, safe and secure data destruction services. Data is usually left behind even after the conventional data removal techniques are used to erase data like file deletion, re-formatting etc.

E-Frontline is committed to providing professional services to help wipe out sensitive information while adhering to particular sets of standards. Our services aim to meet and exceed the DOD and NIST standards.

Our process begins with a complete audit and inspection of your equipment as soon as it hits our docks.

Asset tags are removed and your product is assigned a lot number. If you're concerned about keeping your information secure, confidential and safe when you get rid of old electronics contact E-Frontline today.

E-Frontline has established a pan-India reverse logistics network that spans over many states. E-Frontline is one of the few Indian companies to establish an integrated reverse logistics networks.

We facilitate efficient collection of e-waste from various locations across the country Leveraging best-in-class technology and global best practices, we enable seamless backward integration of e-waste management as an ongoing activity, E-Frontline will continue to establish more and more collection points to map the whole nation in a very structured manner.

We develop an integrated framework for the modelling of reverse supply chain management of electronic waste, which includes recycling. We describe the behavior of the various decision-makers, consisting of the sources of electronic waste, the recyclers, the processors, as well as the consumers associated with the demand markets for the distinct products. We construct the multi-tiered e-cycling network equilibrium model, establish the variational inequality formulation, whose solution yields the material flows as well as the prices, and provide both qualitative properties of the equilibrium pattern as well as numerical examples that are solved using the proposed algorithm.

We guarantees that data on all electronic devices we receive from our clients will be destroyed. we provide a certificate of destruction stating that all the materials send to us has been destroyed.

E- Frontline disposal applies to consumer and business electronic equipment that is near or at the end of its useful life. These products can contain heavy metals like cadmium, lead, copper and chromium that can contaminate the environment.

E-Frontline do not dispose these items in the trash or recycling bins. We have installed pollution control devices to ensure that no harm is caused to our environment whether through air, water or soil.

E-Frontline have refurbishing and reconditioning operations which involves in repairing all kind of electronic appliances. reparable appliances goes through exhaustive inspection process where they are checked for functional defects and cosmetic imperfections. appliances which are defected are restored and reworked by our technicians using tools and equipment as these refurbished equipments undergo a functionality test process to ensure proper functionality. Once the product undergoes quality assurance from the quality team, its ready to shoot the market.

Recovering gold and precious metal from e-waste is one of the most interesting & challenging practice in the recycling industry. Aqua regia is the latest technology which is proven and used in more than 20 countries world wide. The machine can recycle precious metals like gold, silver,and other precious metals without affecting Environment in clean and safe manner. Aqua Regia ( HNO3+HCl) is used to precipitate the precious metals from e-waste.Air pollution is nil due to neutralization of acidic fumes by use of Caustic Soda and water, making it more environment friendly.Hydrazinium hydroxide ( N2H5OH), Zinc powder and so on are used for purification and separating all kinds of precious metals. The efficiency of the recovery of precious metals is 95 to 100%.